August 29, 2020

It looks like some people have given a very negative impression of growing kratom in the United States. They make it look very difficult to grow, but the truth is it can be grown easily compared to several other plants. Some guides on the internet have emphasized the great need for special soil and expensive lighting system to make your dream come true, but that’s not true at all. Many people in the United States have successfully grown Mitragyna Speciosa plants indoors, under all conditions. Now it turns out that fake information on some webpages leads to unnecessary disturbance. So you don’t need to worry about not being able to grow this supreme herb in your homeland. Here we are going to let you know about important considerations that can lead to the healthy growth of Kratom.

Fresh Seeds
One main reason why people don’t see success in growing their own Mitragyna Speciosa is the wrong selection of seeds. You need to keep in mind that only fresh kratom seeds are going to work. You need to make sure that seeds are new. If you are going to buy seeds from online stockists, chances are they will not be able to ship to you in a short period. So keep this important thing in mind and ask for only fresh seeds. Another key thing to consider is the number of kratom seeds.  You may need a lot of seeds to grow a single plant.

Fake Kratom Seeds
It has been observed that some dishonest disturbers sold Mitragyna parvifolia seed as Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) seeds on purpose. People nowadays are hungry to grow this plant, and deceitful stockists take advantage of this rising demand. It has become difficult to find the real kratom seeds. However, we at kratom kg can offer you real fresh kratom at the best price.

It is better to have fertile, humus-rich, and moist soil that drains well, but not in the abundance that the soil will not stay rainy virtually the whole time. Kratom seeds always need more and more water to grow rapidly. If you can fully stop the soil from draining, it can work perfectly. The downside is the growth of strange fungus, which can affect the healthy growth of the Kratom plant. So you need to make sure that little seeds stay away from strange insects and fungus. You may consider using fungicide and pesticide, but be very careful about not killing the little sweet plant.

Seeds do not need all-day light during the germination process. Some people have experienced that direct sunlight can be bad for seeds growth. Keep an eye out on climate changes if you are growing seeds outdoor. Too much heat or cold can be a barrier to healthy germination. Remember, kratom seeds need extra attention only during the seeding stage, once passed they become hard and can withstand climate conditions.

It is possible to grow mitragyna speciosa in the United States if you take care of the important considerations discussed above.